billed monthly

Whether you're recording just the audio, or also shooting video, we'll broadcast up to seven of your services to on the ROKU and Google Chromecast networks each month.  Once added, each service is automatically available to view on demand 24/7 on any ROKU/CHROMECAST-enabled television.


Each time we post a new service for you, we send out announcements on Twitter and Facebook to let viewers know where to find and view your services. Each month, we send you a summary of the number of viewers per platform, and how often your services are being viewed.


No extra charges or hidden fees.  Your services can be viewed thousands of times by thousands of viewers at one time, for no streaming charges.  Your subscription is a flat $79 per month, or pay annually and get two months free.

$990 billed annually TWO MONTHS FREE

PLAN II details

There is simply no easier way to get your church and your services on television than by starting with PLAN II.  PLAN II subscribers' services are broadcast worldwide in High Definition* to ROKU & Google Chromecast-enabled televisions.  A ROKU-enabled television is one where a ROKU settop box (similar to APPLE TV) is plugged in to an available HDMI port and has access to the Internet either via a cable or WiFi. A Google-Chromecast enabled television is where the Google Chromecast dongle is plugged into an available HDMI input on the television, and has access to the Internet via WiFi.


Current companies streaming their programming on ROKU & Google Chromecast include Netflix®, all the major television networks, cable channels like Discovery® and National Geographic®, and hundreds of others. ROKU & Google Chromecast are the fastest growing non-cable networks in the world.


  • Subscribe

  • Upload your church logo and your first videos

    Upload your files

    Once you've subscribed and started your free trial, we'll send you a link to your storage page where you can drag and drop your church logo and your first video file(s).  We'll send you all the instructions on what to do. It's easy. If you already have videos available of prior services, you can upload those five at a time per month, or you can simply start by uploading your most current month's services, and continue from there.



    • VIDEO FILES.  We accept video files in these formats:
      • .MOV
      • .MPEG4
      • .MP4
      • .AVI
      • .WMV
      • .MPEGPS
      • .FLV
      • 3GPP
      • WebM


    We will convert your files to properly play on the ROKU network so you don't have to worry about it.

    One word about resolution:

    • It seems obvious to say, but the higher quality you are able to shoot video, the better the reproduction on television.  If you're using a newer camcorder, or a DSLR to video your services and programs, you're most likely already shooting in HD or have the ability to choose HD as a setting. Here are the preferred resolution settings to set your camera, starting with the best:


    • 2160p: 3840x2160
    • 1440p: 2560x1440
    • 1080p: 1920x1080 (Most commonly used High Definition setting)
    • 720p: 1280x720 (Most commonly used Standard Definition setting)
    • 480p: 854x480
    • 360p: 640x360
    • 240p: 426x240


    For a more thorough explanation of what happens to your uploaded files after we convert them, and how they will ultimately look on television,


    • AUDIO FILES. We accept audio files in these formats:
      • .WAV
      • .MP3


    • IMAGE FILES. We accept image files for church logos in these formats:
      • .PNG
      • .GIF
      • .JPG
      • .AI
      • .EPS
      • .SVG


    All image files must be 336x210 pixels.



    PLANS II & III are ad-free.

*"Service" means any combination of your Sunday morning, evening, or mid-week service's sermon, and can include anything to which you own the copyright or are otherwise free to broadcast. This typically doesn't include worship music unless it is only original songs which you or one of your church members have composed, and you have the right to broadcast. Your CCLI license does not cover the broadcast of copyrighted worship music over our network. **Other streaming services will charge you a monthly fee PLUS an extra charge PER MINUTE (also known as bandwidth) whenever someone watches your program. With MyChurchTube, there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for the number of viewers who watch your program, no matter how many times they watch! ***We broadcast your video files in the format and resolution we receive them from you. In order for your programming to be broadcast in High Definition, the video file you send us must be output in 1080p with an aspect ration of 16:9. See the FAQ page for all the information. ****Sent from the MyChurchTube Twitter and Facebook accounts. *****Each additional series is only $50/month, and may include up to four new episodes per month. Plan III subscribers pay no additional fee to broadcast a series in addition to their regular programming. ******PLAN I may include 30-second ads that run at the beginning and end (pre-roll and post-roll) of your service. These ads are church-friendly and appropriate for all ages and people in your congregation. Pre-roll and post-roll ads may not always appear with your programming, but we reserve the right to air them along with your content for those enrolled in Plan I. THIRTY-DAY FREE TRIALS are available to all NEW subscribers. Simply enroll, and your first month is free, then you'll be automatically billed at your plan's rate each 30 days thereafter. Cancel anytime. No obligation.


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