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*After the trial period your subscription payment will be automatically charged to your payment method of choice for the plan option you select. PLAN II and PLAN III annual plans include a total of three free months: the 30-day free trial, plus two additional months. After the 30-day free trial, annual plans are billed the total of 10 months of service, and then renew annually at the 12-month rate. PLAN II renews at $1188/year and PLAN III renews at $1788/year. Cancel anytime during the initial 30-day free trial period, and you won't be charged a penny. 2 CONVERT YOUR VIDEOS TO A COMPUTER FILE

Chances are if you're already shooting video of your services, you have everything you need to get your files to us. Whether you're recording on a newer camcorder that records to digital tape or SD cards, a digital still camera that also shoots video (i.e., Canon, Nikon, etc.), or on an analog camcorder that records to analog tape, follow the appropriate link below for a step-by-step how-to to capture video from your camera onto a file on your computer that you can upload to us:


Once you've subscribed, you'll be able to create your profile and begin uploading videos to us immediately.


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